A few words to introduce USSR.ORG.UK


I will keep it brief

What you see on the website is a set of historic documents related to the collapse of the Soviet Union. They cover the Referendum held in the USSR on the 17th of March 1991 and a short period which followed it. Having these documents by hand at all times helps me with academic research which I am currently doing. One of the aims of the research is to learn how once highly developed country has downgraded so fast (in less than twenty five years) into an absolute kleptocracy, currupt and militarised society.

I keep these documents online to make the process more organised (so I could access materials at any time, from any place, even on the go, as it saves time, speeds up and benefits the entire job which I am doing). Probably, they can be of benefit to someone else, e.g. for a researcher like me, or for a curious person with a passion to Russia's history. Yes, pityingly, the documents are not translated into Englsih, and this limits the audience, but speakers of other languages can try Google translation as an alternative.

That's it. Any questions or comments, please contact me. If you are conducting a similar (or related) research, I will appreciate a chance to co-operate and exchange views or ideas.

Thanks for reading this. Enjoy the website. I pay to keep it alive.

Faithfully yours, V. K.

USSR.ORG.UK editor & owner

17th of May, 2015